Simon Ostrovsky

Simon Ostrovsky

Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist

Simon Ostrovsky is a Soviet-born, American Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. He is best known for his coverage of the 2014 Crimea crisis and the war in eastern Ukraine for VICE News, where he was briefly held hostage by pro-Russia militants while on assignment in April 2014.

In 2013, VICE Media hired Ostrovsky as a producer for the second season of VICE on HBO, where he helped the program earn an Emmy as an “Outstanding Informational Series.”

In early 2014 he helped launch the company’s current affairs division, VICE News, with his series of unvarnished video dispatches from Ukraine called Russian Roulette. The series was nominated for twoEmmys and gave VICE News widespread acclaim and recognition as a burgeoning player on the media landscape. (Wolf Blitzer coverage of Russian Roulette

Selfie Soldiers, an investigation tracking a Russian soldier to Ukraine through social media posts, earned Ostrovsky a DuPont Columbia journalism award in 2016. (

Ostrovsky has also covered the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States for a number of broadcasters including the BBC, HBO, VICE and AJE and won a total of 13 awards and nominations including the Webby Award, an AIB award, and a Lovie Award

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